Knowing God (Part 1)

Do you know God personally or you just know about God?

God intends for you to develop an intimate relationship with him. He wants you to know him and his nature, to know him more than the closest person to you. Many often blame God when things are not working so well in their lives, this is as a result of not knowing who God is, his nature and an understanding of his love for us. Knowing God is eternal life in itself (John 17:3), it brings a quality of life to you.

We tend to rely on our pastor’s teachings or preaching to tell us who God is and how he does things, we rely on people’s testimonies to tell us what he’s capable of. All these on their own are good because they are faith builders but should not be substituted for an intimate, dynamic relationship with God, which he craves from us.

Work on developing your relationship with God on a personal level, fellowship with him in the privacy of your home, let him reveal himself to you, allow him to show you what he’s really capable of. One of the ways to do this is by spending time reading and meditating on his words because the Bible is the written revelation of God’s nature. Don’t just know about God, know God on a personal level.

It’s that SIMPLE – TM


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